Finding the Best Happy Hour Austin Has to Offer

When we think of happy hour Austin possibilities, we tend to think of great deals on craft drinks and food. And while these may be the most important components of any amazing happy hour deal in Austin, your overall enjoyment and value will actually stem from other areas such as ambiance, menu uniqueness, and price.

The people have spoken, and multiple surveys reveal that the best happy hour Austin deals at French restaurants dominate the city in terms of value and growing popularity.

Happy Hour Austin Drink Specials

Finding a great happy hour Austin spot for good deals on craft cocktails, beer and wine is ideal. Not only do you have variety for yourself, but this way there is a drink deal for anyone in your group with their own taste preference. Most happy hour Austin spots tend to specialize in cocktails or beer. But why limit yourself? Look for a happy hour Austin location that has a variety of drink specials of all types, to satisfy all types of people.

The Best Happy Hour Austin Offers Should be Gourmet All the Way

Half off on a Bud Light and giant pretzel might prove to be a decent happy hour, but a great happy hour is when you get a generous discount on craft beverages and gourmet food. Luxurious happy hour Austin deals will include luxury delights like oysters, lobsters, and other decadent delectables. French restaurants are known for having these items, as well as other luxury items like crab remoulade. They are also known for having the best wine and beer selections with outstanding craft cocktails.

You can find any happy hour Austin deal that give you a Coors and a big plate of tater tots for under five dollars. But we’ve all been there, and done that. Create added value in your happy hour Austin experience and explore the French restaurants in the city known for their cocktails, wine, and authentic French food items.

Why Happy Hour in Austin?

If you are planning a special night out with a group of friends, or a work group, Austin can be an expensive city for feeding multiple people. This is one of many reasons why happy hour Austin spots are so heavily sought after. They are affordable options for groups of people who want to have fun, enjoy great food and beverages, but not pay through the roof. Happy hours in Austin are especially popular for corporate events, as the company won’t have to write a huge check and there will likely be an ideal drink and food item for everyone present, so long as the right happy hour spot is booked.

Do your research. Call several happy hour Austin spots, ask how their food and beverages are unique from others in the city, and seek something outside the box for a memorable night of fun!

How to Find the Best Austin Italian Restaurants for Your Special Occasion

Since the beginning of recorded time, people have always associated food and celebration together. There is love in the food we eat, and being able to find the right Italian restaurant in Austin that offers an environment and menu appropriate for your occasion is crucial to your celebration. If your heart is set on finding the best Austin Italian restaurants, this article is intended to help you navigate the options and make a short list of potential winners.

First, Why Austin Italian Restaurants?

Dining in Austin (and specifically Italian restaurants) is a safe and rewarding options, regardless of the occasion, for a number of reasons. If you live in one of Austin’s amazing suburbs like Lakeway or Cedar Park, you may be tempted to find a dining spot close to home for the sake of convenience. But is “convenient and close to home” a closer reflection of everyday life, or an adventurous change to help mark a special occasion? If you live outside of Austin, heading into the city will provide a nice change of pace and make the night feel extra special. And if you live in Austin’s city limits, you are already in the meca for finding amazing Italian restaurants.

Why Italian restaurants. Italian restaurants are very special because they are ideal for any occasion, and they satisfy a variety of taste buds. Italian food is ideal for romantic occasions like an anniversary, date, or if you plan to propose marriage. It is also great for large parties of people because, afterall, who doesn’t love pasta? And if you do have pasta haters in your party, the best Austin Italian restaurants have steak, seafood and pizza. If there are children in your party a good authentic cheese pizza would be ideal for them. And whether the adults are meat-eaters of staunch vegetarians, no problem, any top Austin Italian restaurant will have multiple options.

If your special occasion is work-related, dining on the patio will offer excitement and a fun atmosphere. In fact, many of the best Austin Italian restaurants allow parties to book patios or special rooms for private dining.

What Defines the Top Italian Restaurant?

There are a number of good Austin Italian restaurants in the city, but how can you tell the great from the good? When vetting Austin Italian restaurants for your special celebration, make sure they meet this criteria:

  • Pasta is handmade
  • They have a robust wine list
  • They offer special entertainment on select nights
  • There is a patio dining option
  • They have authentic pizza
  • They serve gelato (it’s the best Austin ice cream)
  • The chef is from Italy (or at least was trained there)
  • The ambiance is suitable for mixed occasions
  • They have select Amari and Vermouth
  • A great cocktail list
  • Private dining options

If you can find an Austin Italian restaurant that offers all of these, than you have found a winner to be used for multiple future occasion types, including your upcoming celebration!

Cooking Secrets

The answers are not always in books, nor do one of those recently graduated chefs. These cooking secrets are only known with daily communication with grandmothers and mothers, so it is important to talk a lot with them and write down everything they tell in a notebook. The best cooking secret is to be in your kitchen with your materials and ingredients, if you do not like your kitchen you can move to another house with a bigger or nice kitchen and look for a nice house for sale in Baja.

We collect some of the advice we have heard over the years in the realization of these pages and here we pass them, as many of our readers have requested


Cooking more than a craft is an art and when you want to experiment with it, prepare your mind to the imagination, to the mixture of colors, flavors and texture. You will be surprised with what you can prepare.

– If the beans boil and do not soften, place a little coarse salt on the lid of the pot.

– So that the tostones or patacones are crispy, after you flatten them, sprinkle them with cold water before putting them back in the pan to finish frying them.

– The egg whites rise faster if they are at room temperature and add a few drops of lemon juice or a few grains of salt to beat.

– If the oven does not reach the right temperature when baking cakes, biscuits or cakes, these go up the sides and remain with the center sunken. Make sure the oven is hot.

– For the cilantro to last longer in the refrigerator, dry it well with paper towels and store it in glass jars.

– To give a better flavor to the mashed potatoes, add it when the potatoes are still hot. They absorb the flavors better.

– Store the strawberries in the refrigerator in plastic baskets to circulate the air and last longer.

– When you prepare zucchini with pasta, make the sauce of the pasta thicker, because usually the zucchini release water and tend to water the sauce.

– To make pasta in salad, choose the largest pasta shapes and season when the pasta is still hot.

– The best oils for frying are those of peanuts, canola and sesame flowers.

Comidas para cuando estás apurada

¿Cuando obtiene una cena casera en la mesa de manera oportuna y todos sus hijos la comen? Ese es el santo grial de la planificación de las comidas, allí mismo.Tu también puedes crear una página con consejos y después preocuparte por el posicionamiento con KatRank SEO en México.

Si sus hijos son como los míos, cambian constantemente lo que están dispuestos a comer, pero estas 10 recetas son las que son (casi) siempre un éxito en nuestra mesa.

1. Tacos de lámina de batata dulce
Estos han sido los favoritos de la familia durante los últimos seis o siete años. En lugar de una tortilla, tienes una base de batatas y luego las apilas con los ingredientes que más te gusten. Estoy bastante seguro de que mis hijos comerán cualquier cosa si pueden poner encima queso rallado, guacamole y crema agria.

2. Enchiladas De Chile Con Pollo
A todos en nuestra familia les encantan los tacos, y las enchiladas están lo suficientemente cerca como para que todos las coman (además de que hacen fantásticas sobras). Estos no podrían ser más fáciles, con solo seis ingredientes. Si realmente me adelanto al juego, los armo por la mañana y luego los mantengo, cubiertos, en la nevera hasta que sea el momento de hornearlos para la cena.

3. Bocadillos franceses de cocina de cocción lenta
Amo mi olla de cocción lenta más que casi cualquier cosa, y esta es mi cosa favorita para hacer en ellos; Se tarda 30 segundos en tirar todo después del desayuno. Cuando llega la cena, simplemente tosté los bollos con un poco de provolone y corté un poco de lechuga y tomates y la cena se sirve.

4. Sopa de calabaza con curry
Me encanta una sopa cremosa porque es deliciosa y mis hijos no tienen idea de lo que contiene. Este es particularmente bueno y no picante. Además, es tan fácil como puede ser.

5. Chili dulce y picante con polenta
A mis chicas les encanta la polenta, y me encanta como base para todo tipo de ingredientes. Puede sonar sofisticado, pero solo toma unos minutos. Si a tus hijos les gusta la crema de trigo o avena, ¡probablemente les encantará!

6. Albóndigas agridulces
En realidad, no me gustaban tanto las albóndigas hasta que descubrí esta receta, y al instante era la favorita de la familia. Además, puedes hacer un gran lote de albóndigas y congelarlas extra para una cena rápida y fácil otra noche.

7. Chilaquiles De Huevo Frito One-Pan
Si sus hijos están locos por los nachos, esta es una manera de servirlos para la cena que es mucho mejor que la que se obtiene en un estadio de béisbol. Lamentablemente, no se incluyen bolas de mosca en esta receta.

8. Sopa de pollo y fideos tailandesa de 15 minutos
Esta receta es mágica. Realmente puedes ir de cero a la mesa de la cena en 15 minutos (20 si eres lento). Entre la gingería, el caldo de coco al curry rojo y el pollo tierno, se integra en el plan de comidas de forma regular y deleita a toda la familia.

9. BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad
Mis hijos aún luchan por comer lechuga, pero con esta ensalada solo pueden hacer un montón de aderezos y los llena a la perfección. Y mi marido y yo podemos disfrutar de toda la lechuga para nosotros mismos.

10. pollo a la mantequilla india
Si digo “salsa y arroz” para la cena, todos aplauden. Y esta receta es tan fácil que hace que la comida para llevar parezca mucho trabajo.

Nutritional Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes your daily life, including your diet. It’s important to eat well-balanced meals because you’re eating for two. It will help your figure a good diet, but what will give you the figure you had before pregnancy will be given by Molding Clinic cosmetic surgery center.

The most important nutrients during pregnancy are:

folic acid
Here are some tips to ensure your diet is what it needs to be during pregnancy.

Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods When Pregnant
When eating for two, get rid of empty calories and exchange them for nutrient-dense foods. Empty calories come from added sugar and fats in foods like:

soda and baked goods
fried foods
processed meat products
Foods rich in vitamins and minerals include:

fresh fruit and vegetables
whole grains
lean meats and vegetable protein

Eat a Variety of Foods When Pregnant
One of the most fun ways to get all the nutrients you and your baby need is to eat a variety of food. When you look at your plate, it should be colorful and represent several food groups. Eating a variety of food also helps prevent boredom with your diet.

Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy
Drink at least 6 to 8, 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Soft drinks like soda and coffee do not count toward your daily water consumption goal.

Staying hydrated has many benefits for the two of you, including:

avoidance of early labor
healthier skin (meaning more elastic)
a general decrease in annoying pregnancy symptoms (constipation, swelling, etc.)

Protein for You and Baby
Protein is the building block of every cell in your baby’s body. Some studies indicate that adequate protein intake, defined as 75 grams a day or more, can protect you against eclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension and other disorders.

“Grazing” to Combat Digestive Issues
Eat smaller frequent meals if you are plagued with nausea and/or vomiting problems, heartburn, or reduced stomach space later in pregnancy. “Grazing” can also help level out blood sugar, making you feel a bit better during the day.

Keep a Food Log While Pregnant
Keep a food log of what you’re eating, either with an app or written in a notebook. This way you can keep track of the nutrients you eat each day. You can share your food log with your midwife or physician, too.

You Must Gain Weight When You’re Pregnant
Remember that gradual weight gain is necessary for you and your baby to be healthy. As a general rule, you should gain 2 to 4 pounds in the first trimester and an additional 3 to 4 pounds per month during the second and third trimesters.

Do not diet or restrict calories without consulting a health care professional.

Prenatal Vitamins
Prenatal vitamins help you get the extra protein, iron, calcium and folic acid required for a healthy baby. They are not meant to replace nutritious food. Before you begin taking prenatals, consult your health care practitioner because too many vitamins can cause harm just like a deficiency can.

Expecting Moms With Special Needs
Women with special needs, require a special diet. Your diet during pregnancy might require the help of a nutritionist if you:

are anemic (low iron)
have a multiple pregnancy
are a teenager
have diabetes

This can affect the “miracle diets” to your teeth


In the middle of summer, diets that promise weight loss in record time proliferate, the so-called “miracle diets”. The apple, the pineapple, the liquids … There are dozens of options and they all agree on one thing: they involve a lack of vitamins and nutrients that affect the body in general and oral health in particular. Do you want to discover how? Better not risk your health and you risk having yellow teeth, go with your dentist EG Dental Clinic.

Too much acid
Many miracle diets are based on the fruit, a fundamental food for our body but that in excess can have consequences in our mouth. The acid they contain erodes the protective layer that covers the tooth, called dentin, leaving the nerve fibers of the tooth exposed and producing tooth sensitivity.

Lack of calcium
Miracle diets can make you lose kilos, but also teeth. The suppression of milk, yoghurts and cheeses generates a deficit of calcium, which in the long run can result in caries and periodontal disease. The latter can lead to the loss of bone that supports the teeth and the corresponding loss of teeth.

Lack of vitamins
The key to this type of diet is the total elimination of fats, which leads to a deficit of vitamins. The most important for the health of our teeth is vitamin D, essential for the absorption of calcium and to prevent tooth wear. Without vitamins we expose ourselves to the weakening of the periodontal ligament and the maxillary bone, which in the long run can lead to the loss of teeth.

Iron deficiency
Eliminating iron from our diet can be a symptom of anemia, a problem that multiplies the possibility of having infections in the mouth, as the defenses decrease significantly. When this happens, we expose ourselves to bacterial infections around the teeth, which destroy the tissue and bone that supports the teeth in the mouth.

What should you keep in mind when starting a diet?
First of all, you must have the help of a professional to guide you to lose weight by maintaining a balanced diet, which contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts are essential to strengthen immunity and help the body to fight bacteria, protecting our teeth and gums.

Reasons to Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

Edible leaf plants are low in calories and fat; high in fiber, iron, calcium and a good source of photochemicals. They are also a source of antioxidants. Having a bad diet that does not include vegetables is not only very bad for your health, but also for your beauty, your skin gets worse, your hair falls, your nails break, your teeth turn yellow, even though all these symptoms of bad nutrition are small at first and think that they do not matter because they are only external things, the truth is that a bad diet destroys you inside.


On the other hand, if you care more about your beauty than about your health, we recommend you first improve your habits and then worry about progressively improving your appearance or if you want to accelerate the process you can go with a dentist teeth savers Tijuana, a dermatologist, a nutritionist and gym.


Therefore, it is important that you consider adding leafy greens to your daily diet such as broccoli, chard, celery, kale, spinach, papaya, lettuce, arugula, watercress, kale and chicory.


dark green leafy vegetables have great nutritional properties. They are rich in beta-carotene (promoter of vitamin A), in vitamin C, in calcium, in iron, in folic acid and in magnesium.


Below we will tell you what are the reasons to eat green leafy vegetables every day:

  • Help lower cholesterol levels in the body.
  • They are a rich source of calcium, which benefits the bone system.
  • They have antioxidant functions, prevent cellular deterioration.
  • Prevent eye infections, cataracts and conjunctivitis.
  • They strengthen the immune system and also favor the repair of infected tissues.
  • They stimulate the production of red blood cells.
  • Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A, C and K, folic acid and fiber, which benefits the digestion process.
  • They help keep sugar levels in the body stable, so they are recommended for people with diabetes.
  • They optimize the functioning of the reproductive organs.
  • Because of the low calorie content of green leafy vegetables, they favor weight control.

The Benefits Of Eating Edible Mushrooms

For many doctors like Dr. Mexico mushrooms are food with many benefits, strengthen the immune system and have even been attributed beneficial properties against infections, some types of cancer, heart disease or allergies.
This is true because high blood levels of vitamin D could have a preventive effect on breast cancer, according to the results of a study sponsored by the Center for Biomedical Research Network Epidemiology and Public Health.

This was announced by the head of the Cancer Epidemiology Service of the National Epidemiology Center of the Carlos III Health Institute, Marina Pollán, during her speech at the V International Breast Cancer Symposium opened today in Madrid.

According to a report in the Carlos III Health Institute of Madrid, these data, which show an especially significant effect in triple-negative tumors, were obtained from an epidemiological study carried out by researchers.

Although sun exposure is the primary source of exposure to vitamin D, there is no consensus on the optimal levels of this nutrient in the body, and several international organizations have established a cut-off point between 50 and 75 nmol / L.
In Spain, despite the weather, more than half of healthy women who participated in the study showed vitamin D concentrations lower than those recommended.

The researchers observed that the risk of breast cancer decreases as blood levels of vitamin D increase and they found that the preventive effect of this vitamin was apparent against triple-negative breast cancer.

The authors of the study have indicated that, given the high proportion of women with insufficient vitamin D concentrations in Spain, it would be necessary to develop preventive strategies aimed at improving the levels of this nutrient.

The study had the participation of researchers from twelve autonomous communities and a sample of 546 women with breast cancer and 558 healthy women.

This is the first study developed in Spain that provides information on the association between blood vitamin D levels and different histological types of breast cancer.

Benefits of a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil

Scientists have shown the benefits of a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil as a modulator of intestinal microbiota, compared to the effects of a diet enriched in butter, which develops in greater extent factors involved in metabolic syndrome, including dentists in Tijuana They mention that these oils are essential for healthy teeth.

According to this study, butter increases the number of intestinal proteobacteria, which is related to an increase in blood insulin and blood pressure

In addition, there is the added social issue of the types of pathologies present in Central Europe, where butter has been the fat used par excellence for cooking, and in the Mediterranean area, where extra virgin olive oil has been commonly used for that purpose.

Until now it was not thought that olive oil could have an effect different from that of other fats on the gut microbiota, the set of microorganisms that reside in the intestine. In that sense, he points out that from the perspective of nutrition and physiology this is relevant because the general idea was that diets high in any type of fat were bad for the intestinal microbiota.

The sample of mice was divided into three groups, two of them were fed a diet enriched in extra virgin olive oil or a diet enriched in butter and the third one fed a standard diet for laboratory animals. From each of the animals, we obtained data on the bacteria present in their intestines. The profiles of the intestinal microbiota were related to the different physiological parameters used as indicators of the development of metabolic syndrome.

The results suggest that butter increases the number of intestinal proteobacteria, and this is related to an increase in blood insulin and blood pressure, physiological parameters linked to the development of the metabolic syndrome. With the extra virgin olive oil, despite being a high-fat diet, these microbial changes did not occur and a lower increase in body weight and blood pressure was detected, together with a better blood lipid profile.

La Cena Romántica Perfecta

Tuviste la fecha del café y la fecha de la película. Ahora piensas que es hora de invitar a la dulzura a tu casa para la cena y tal vez el postre. No solo se trata de la comida sino también del romántico lugar piensa en llevar a esa chica a un lugar romántico y original, investiga si hay algún restaurante de contenedores en la Paz, ambiente tranquilo y romántico.

Esto puede ser demasiado prescriptivo, así que sientete libre de usar y no usar estas ideas como mejor te parezca.

Cuándo y qué

Elija una tarde en la que ambos estén frescos. Sí, normalmente es sábado por la noche, pero no hay ley contra una noche entre semana o incluso el brunch dominical.

Elija un menú que se sienta romántico pero no requiere ser esclavo en la cocina
Gambas con salsa de cóctel

Champagne / vino chispeante. Si no tiene copas de champán, las tiendas de dólares generalmente las tienen, sí, un dólar.

Una ensalada: Mi favorita es la lechuga baby, además de tomates, queso azul y crutones o pacanas confitadas. Rocíe con aceite y vinagre. Sugerencia: No use tomates cherry: riesgo de chorros. Variación: sustituya el queso objetivo por el queso azul y el vinagre balsámico por el aceite y el vinagre.

El plato principal debería ser preparado de antemano
Al horno en lugar de hervido o frito. Eso evita tener que controlar el plato cuando debería centrarse en su cita. Fácil y rápido de preparar, idealmente un plato principal de un plato. No sucio para comer. Este no es el momento para costillas, langosta o enchiladas. No demasiado abundante. Olvídese de las salsas de queso y las comidas con carbohidratos. No querrás inducir el coma de los alimentos.

La cuenta regresiva

Establecer la mesa de antemano. Las servilletas de tela y el mantel son impresionantes, aunque agradables manteles y servilletas de papel están bien. Una sola rosa y / o velas pueden ser perfectas o demasiado. Confia en tu instinto.

Una hora o más antes de la llegada de su compañero, coloque la champaña en el refrigerador o, para enfriar en media hora, el congelador.